Vani's Overview


Our vision is the socio-economic empowerment of the marginalized sections of the society through the overall development of human capital and thrusting on the sustainability of natural resources.


To facilitate, assist and support its partner communities viz. scheduled caste, scheduled tribe, small & marginal farmers, land less poor, women and children by improving their capacities and ensure their decision making in development scenario that lead to build their self-determination towards achieving sustainable process of self- reliance.


    In order to create a self sufficient society the organization has the following Objectivies:—

  • •Organization will work for the all round development of women by organizing, running and overseeing programs related to their education, health and rights. It will run fashion design, stitching centers and beauty parlors.
  • •To run programs to help children against malnutrition, child labour, handicap, harassment and to secure their rights.
  • •To organize programs related to pollution control, family health and hygiene. For the prevention and immunization of serious diseases like—aids, hepatitis, malaria, polio, T.B, leprosy etc. to run programs for eye donation , prevention from blindness and child health.
  • •To run welfare programs for deaf-dumb, mentally and physically impaired men, women and children and provide them with proper education , training and other facilities to make them self sufficient.
  • •To run welfare programs for BPL community, schedule cast and tribe, OBC'S, Dalits and minority so as to raise their living standard by providing education and health training. The organization will open old age homes for the welfare of old people.
  • •To develop interest among youth for issues related to their development (education, health, natural resources management, entrepreneurship development). To provide them vocational training and employment opportunities in diff areas.
  • •To establish and run colleges, universities and libraries. To develop information, broadcast and technology.
  • •To experiment, research, publish literature and setup awards in the field of progress and dev. (education, health and natural resource management).
  • •To arrange different competitions for educational and physical development, classes for competitive exams, cultural programmes and to work for the growth of arts, fine arts science and literature.
  • •To work towards the eradication of diff. social evils and norms in rural and urban society.
  • •To create awareness for the principles and ideologies of great men and to this end—establish monuments, documentaries and diff. research centers.
  • •To arrange toe talks, seminars, camps and debates on diff. aspects of life and to work towards the solution and eradication of their problems. To arrange for a public opinion polls.
  • •To co-operate with diff. national and international organizations for development and training of diff. streams of literature, culture and technical education. To give and obtain assistance from such organization. To establish a corpus fund and to work as a placement agency.
  • •The organization will work for agriculture development, natural resource (land, forest and water) management, Vermi compost, developed farming techniques, forest dev. Water shed programs, cow protection centers, animal shelters, and cattle and breed development.