Vani's work in Health Hygiene and Sanitation

Health, Hygiene, and Sanitation:

The good health of the individual is an essential requirement of society. Unfortunately, most of the people living in rural and slum areas have low access to quality health care services. With this in mind, VANI SANSTHA is providing preventive and curative health services to rural communities and urban slums. Our main objective is to provide quality primary health care for rural and urban people and create a friendly environment for accessing quality healthcare services. Our 10 primary healthcare centres, located in 4 districts of Rajasthan make primary health care accessible and available to all people from children to adolescent girls, pregnant women, elderly people. Till date, we have treated over lakhs patients at our healthcare centres and our aim is to improve the lives of many more. VANI SANSTHA has done good efforts in the field of Health, Hygiene, and Sanitation. To improve the health conditions we are providing services such as OPD services, treatment of minor ailments, seasonal ailments, referral services, laboratory testing services, immunization, distribution of IFA tablets, check-up of pregnant women and vaccination services. We also conduct health examination for school children in whom their weight, height, eyes, ears, teeth, etc. were examined and they were given health-related information. From time to time organization arranges health care camps in different rural and urban communities. We are providing special attention to institutional delivery services, family welfare, community involvement, pre & postnatal services to the pregnant and lactating mothers, institutional delivery, vaccination, linking people with national programs like DOTS & NACP and participating in pulse polio campaign and Vitamin A campaign.

Ongoing Projects:

Run a PHC under PPP mode At Present we are running 6 rural Primary Health Care (PHC)s. PHCs are state-owned rural health care facilities in all the states in Rajasthan. These are essentially single-physician clinics usually with facilities for minor surgeries, too. They are part of the government-funded public health system in all the states in India and are the most basic units of this system. In the year 2016-17 Nagla Beedhora PHC in Dholpur district, in 2017-18, 5 PHCs Gopalpura and Samona in Dholpur district, Andhwari and Kapurmaluka in Bharatpur district and Badora in Baran district by the Health Department, Government of Rajasthan under the Public-Private Partner (PPP Mode) for the implementation of the project named “Run a PHC”. These PHCs are providing health care services to the population between 20000 - 30000 in their respective jurisdiction.

“Facilitation of a UPHC” under the PPP mode

VANI Sanstha has signed an agreement with Medical and Health Department, Govt. of Rajasthan for implementation of a Project named “Facilitation of a UPHC” under the PPP mode and has been allocated three UPHCs namely UPHC Badi City of Badi Block and UPHCs Ondela Road and Sagarpada in Dholpur block of Dholpur district. In Kishangarh block of Ajmer district, it has been allocated the UPHC Chainpuriya, since November 2017.

Both Rural and Urban PHCs provide Primary medical care, Maternal-child health including family planning, awareness programs on safe water supply & basic sanitation and nutrition, Prevention and control of locally endemic diseases, Collection and reporting of health-related data, implementation of National health programs, Referral service, Training of health guides, health workers, local dais and health assistants, Basic laboratory tests

Tobacco Control Program

We are implementing a Tobacco Control Program with the support of the Salaam Bombay Foundation. The main objective of project is to establish the Tobacco-Free School(TFS), better implementation of COTPA (Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Act 2003), Educating stakeholders resulting in increased awareness of the provision Making tobacco-free schools and villages in Rajasthan state, Capacity building of local stakeholders for Tobacco-Free Schools and Tobacco Control law 2003. Sensitizing policymakers for urgent implementation of COTPA, Building sustainable tobacco control programmes.

The project would help in sensitizing of students, teachers, trainers and health functionaries on the ill-effects of tobacco; increase awareness of section 6(a) and 6(b) of COTPA, 2003 in schools and adoption to establish tobacco-free schools; help in establishing tobacco-free schools as per the guideline of CBSE Board; formation of District level tobacco control committee to continue the work to create tobacco-free districts; create a sustainable system that encourages local NGOs to start tobacco control activity in rural areas and create replicable models for other parts of India and become the resource centre for rural tobacco control in the country. To sustain the Project it has been planned to integrated tobacco control activities into the School Health Programme; Co-ordinate with the National Health Mission (NHM) and National tobacco control Board.

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